Vocabulary :


A NFT is a Non-fungible token.

A token that, when create, cannot change value later.


Minting a NFT mean that you create the NFT, it will put the NFT on the blockchain.

E.g: If you get a NFT on a website, it will be the act of purchasing it.

Tools :


Truffle is a tools for development on blockchain, it can setup project, compile, make test, deploy and much more.

Check it out at Truffle


Loom is a blockchain that can interact with other blockchain.

It more cheaper and faster than Ethereum, as it model is proof of state.

Check it out at Loom


Ganache is a testing tools for transaction, smarth contract and more.

It will setup a local private ethereum network and 10 accounts with 100 eth each.

Check it out at Ganache


OpenZeppelin provides secure code for descentralized aoplications.

It have base code for token, NFT and more.

Check it out at OpenZeppelin

Eth transaction :


In Ethereum every transaction has a nonce.

This is so that each transaction can only be processed by the blockchain once. Additionally, to be a valid transaction, the nonce must either be 0, or a transaction with the previous number must have already been processed.

That means that transactions are always processed in order for a given account, and so incrementing nonces is a very sensitive matter that is easy to mess up, especially when a user is interacting with multiple applications with pending transactions using the same account, potentially across multiple devices.